Sound Control Studio - a full production studio for 31 years


You write your songs, or we find original, legal songs for you to choose and record

You record in one of Nashville's major state of the art studios....Don't bet your career on someone's basement studio

We supply musicians to "fit" your kind of matter what it is . These musicians are Nashville's best, having played on many major stars records, and knowing how to create what your song needs to become radio ready for you

lWe will guide you to your best Lead vocals with an experienced producer/veteran vocal coach

Background vocals with some of Nashville's best vocalists, trained and experienced to know your style of music

Mixing & mastering in a Protools HD studio

You cannot be played on the radio without a label. The Mosrite Record Label is available for your project if you qualify

Additional services per your request. Such as:

Mixing your already recorded can email your files thru various formats

Song Doctor services: help with your lyrics, your melody, your structure

If you need help or advice with a website

Song placement with digital sites such as Itunes, Amazon, CDBaby, Facebook, etc.

Publishing information or placing your song with a company

CD Pressing services

CD release information