The Mosrite Guitar Rebirth CD is two things; a celebration dedicated to an iconic guitar company, and a demonstration of the versatility of the new original Mosrite Guitar. This incredible, unique guitar project not only brings the friends and family members of the original Mosrite legend together again, it also ties the new Original Mosrite of Japan owners, builders, and fans to the first family of Mosrite. What a remarkable presentation for The Rebirth of the Mosrite Guitar Album

From country to punk to rock to jazz, Rebirth demonstrates that the Mosrite sound is suited to the 21st century as much as it was to the 20th century. Mark Moseley created the concept of an instrumental Mosrite album. A multi-talented guy, Mark produced the album, mixed most of the tracks, and even did the artwork and photography used for the graphic design.

The Rebirth CD - a project that was recorded to show the suitability of Mosrite guitars for a wide range of musical styles. It succeeds quite well at that task. The 1950’s country sounds of Elaine Frizzel and Brian Lonbeck, the proven success of Nokie Edwards sounds, the punk era sound of C.J. Ramones tracks right up to the classic rock sounds demonstrated by Mark Moseley, Alex Beyrodt and Kerry Marx, the complex tone, technique and sheer artisty of Brent Mason, these are the sounds of the Mosrite guitars. They appear to be ready for anything the new century cares to throw at them. Rebirth was released on December 15, 2010, and is available from Mosrite Records

Track Listing

 1. Hawaii Five-0 - featuring Nokie Edwards          
 2. In - A - Gadda - Da - Da - Vida - featuring Kerry Marx
 3. Ghost Riders In The Sky - featuring Jody Maphis
 4. Caravan - featuring Brent Mason
 5. Perfidia - featuring Eugene Moles
 6. Goldfinger - featuring Elliot Easton
 7. I Wanna Be Sedated - featuring C.J. Ramone
 8. Flying Fingers/ Fire On the Strings / Alabama Jubilee
     Medley - featuring Brian Lombeck
 9. House of the Rising Sun - featuring Mark Moseley
10. Blitzkrieg Bop - featuring C.J. Ramone
11. Walk Don't Run - featuring Brent Mason
12. Thunder Road / Bonanza Medley - featuring Jody Maphis
13. Secret Agent Man - featuring Eugene Moles
14. Slaughter On Tenth Avenue -featuring  Nokie Edwards
15. Penetration - featuring Seymour Duncan
16. Black Mountain Rag - featuring Elaine Frizzell
17. Spanish Castle Magic - featuring Alex Beyrodt

The Players of "Rebirth"

From Left to Right - Rodger Morris, Andy Moseley, Jiro Okabe, Tommy Wells,
Nokie Edwards, Mark Moseley, (front) Kerry Marx, Duncan Mullins

Below is a list of the amazing line-up of players on this incredible album.