What does Mosrite have to do with my music?

Are you a Musician or Artist without a Record Label? You may not know this but having a record label name on your album can aid in the process of getting your music heard on a broader level. Another service that we offer, to those who qualify, is the use of the Mosrite Records label. Now although Mosrite does not promote the artist, having a reputable label name does help when you are seeking promotion or radio play. Here is a little bit of history about the iconic Mosrite Records and how the tradition continues through Mark Moseley and Sound Control Studio.

Where it all began "The Mosrite Guitar"

    (From Left to Right)  1, Young Semie Moseley   2. Semie & brother, Andy Moseley with Larry Scott & Ronny Sessions   3.  Joe and Rose Lee Maphis  

In the early 1950’s, a teenaged Semie Moseley and his brother Andy started experimenting with building guitars. Wanting to learn more, Semie eventually apprenticed at the Rickenbacker factory, where a German immigrant, Roger Rossmeisl, taught him the ‘art’ of building guitars.The most significant aspect to be applied to the future Mosrite as we know it, was a method of guitar design called the “German Carve”, one of the most distinctive features of Mosrite guitars. During this same period, Semie also apprenticed with the renowned designer Paul Bigsby, instrument maker and inventor of the Bigsby vibrato tailpiece. The year is 1956: The Mosrite of California is born.

(From L to R) Mosrite ad for from 1968       2. Joe Maphis playing his Mosrite Double neck          3.Mosrite ad from 1968 featuring Glen Campbell

In the early days, all of Mosrite’s guitars were hand made custom orders, including a famous double-necked instrument built for Joe Maphis. Mosrite could well have remained a small company, making guitars by special order, but Semie Moseley loaned a guitar to Nokie Edwards of the Ventures to use on some recording sessions, and within a year the Ventures had signed an endorsement deal with Mosrite, guaranteeing to use Ventures Model Mosrites on their recordings and tours. The publicity was overwhelming. Orders from dealers skyrocketed. The company went from making 20 or 30 instruments a month in the early 1960s to nearly1000 instruments a month at the peak of production in 1968.

The most popular Gospel artists of the day played Mosrite Guitars (from L to R) The Rambos, The Hemphills, The Happy Goodman Family

Barbara Mandrell and Brian Lonbeck with Brian's Mosrite    

         Nokie Edwards of the Ventures           Glen Campbell features his Mosrite on the cover of his Album           Rocker Kurt Cobain even played a Mosrite

Mosrite guitars have been popular in Japan for decades. This popularity led Noriyuki Yusa, the owner of the Fillmore Company Limited, to want to begin building Mosrite guitars again. The guitar bodies and other parts are manufactured in Japan by a partnership consisting of Mr. and Mrs Yusa and Jiro Okabe. Mr.Yusa understands the history and heritage of the Mosrite company, and he soon arranged for Semie Moseley’s daughter, Dana, to assemble the instruments in Bakersfield, California – a task that she performed for many years while working for her father. Semie’s brother, Andy Moseley, a partner in the original Mosrite company, remains a part of the Mosrite heritage today.

Formation of Mosrite Records

Mosrite Records was formed by brothers Semie and Andy Moseley in 1966, issuing country music. The Moseley brothers had started the guitar manufacturing Mosrite of California in 1956. A new factory was set up in Bakersfild in 1963, after the Ventures started using their guitars. The Mosrite label was not only largely popular because of the Mosrite Guitar but also because of some of the legendary people signed as well as the fresh young talent of the day.  Mosrite Records has been home for such iconic artists as Nokie Edwards of the Ventures, Joe and Rose Lee Maphis, Al Brumley (son of the legendary Gospel Songwriter Albert E. Brumley), Tommy Duncan (Vocalist with the Texas Playboys), Doyle Holly (Member of country music's #1 band in the sixties, Buck Owens, "Buckaroos", as well as rising stars in the country music genre at the time, Ronny Sessions, and Barbara Mandrell.
                            Barbara Mandrell in her Mosrite Records Days          Al Brumley and Billy Mize
          Mosrite Compilation- Artists of the 60's           Producer Mark Moseley even had successful  albums on Mosrite

The Mosrite Records legacy lives on today, and you too can be a part of it!  Mosrite Records is proud to feature a mixture of legends as well as up and coming artist that you are sure to enjoy.  The Legendary Nokie Edwards still records on Mosrite as well as the sounds of Justin Ryan, The Sheridans, Aubrey Lovejoy, and Elaine Frizzell.  No matter your genre, let Mark Moseley, Sound Control, and Mosrite Records help you achieve your musical Dreams!


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