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Nokie performed with Lefty, David, and Allan Frizzell on Lefty’s last engagement in Tacoma before his untimely death in 1975. In 1985, Nokie briefly joined the band of the country duo Frizzell & West, which featured David Frizzell and Shelly West, who were known for their many hits including, ‘You’re the Reason God Made Oklahoma’.

Nokie still tours Japan performing with The Ventures, and also tours with them in the US when he is needed.

Nokie has shared the stage with other notable entertainers like, Little Jimmy Dickins, Jeff (Skunk) Baxter, Thom Bresh (Merle Travis’ son), Peter Frampton, Robbie Krieger, Richard Smith, Tommy Emmanuel, Laurence Juber (Paul McCartney & Wings), The Fabulous Wailers, The Stampeders, Peter Tork (The Monkees), Mitch Rider, Seymour Duncan, Brent Mason, John Jorgenson, Will Ray, Albert Lee, Art Greenhaw, the Light Crust Doughboys, and many more.

Nokie's performances are a mix of music that puts an audience on the edge of their seats. Nokie continues to diversify his music career by composing new songs and adding new arrangements to his favorite songs... Bringing back and creating new precious memories for the listener around the globe.

You can also catch Nokie's acting ability on season's of HBO's Deadwood where he made guest appearances.

Mosrite Records is proud to have the Legendary Nokie Edwards on our roster of artists!

Nokie Edwards

Nokie Edwards is universally recognized as one of the world’s premier guitarists. He has been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. He was born Nole Edwards in 1935 in Lahoma, Oklahoma, hence the nickname, "Nokie" which was given to him by his father, Elbert.

In 1957, Buck Owens, the country music artist and pioneer of the "Bakersfield Sound," asked Nokie to join his band. Nokie spent the next year playing with Buck Owens at clubs and on radio and television. An added highlight would be when the Grand Ol’ Opry’s road shows came to the Northwest and they would need a lead guitar player. They would call Buck Owens for a lead guitarist and Buck would send Nokie to play lead for the shows. Through Owens, Nokie met a number of other country music entertainers such as Ferlin Husky, Lefty Frizzell, Justin Tubb, Dale Woods, Benny Martin, and many more.

In 1959, while Nokie was playing lead guitar for Buck Owens, he was approached by Don Wilson and Bob Bogle, a couple of guitarists from Washington. They asked Nokie to join them in forming a band which later became known as The Ventures (a band that went on to become the most popular rock instrumental band in history). The group’s first single was a remake of guitarist Chet Atkins’ ‘Walk Don’t Run,’ which was written by jazz guitarist Johnny Smith. The tune was released in 1960 on Josie Wilson’s Blue Horizon label and garnered a lot of requests in the Seattle area. The group then signed with Dolton Records which was owned by Bob Reisdorff. Dolton later became a subsidiary of Liberty Records, and ‘Walk Don’t Run’ was released nationally, with the tune peaking at #2 on the charts. The Ventures followed up the hit single with an album appropriated entitled "Walk Don’t Run". While touring with The Ventures, Nokie played lead on many famous hits that were recorded by Nokie and The Ventures by such as ‘Hawaii 5-O’ , ‘Fugitive’, ‘2000 Pound Bee’, ‘Yellow Jacket’, ‘Hokkaido Skies’, ‘Driving Guitars’, ‘Surf Rider’ (also known as ‘Spudnik’,) ’Moon Child’, ‘Pedal Pusher’, ‘Sleep Walk’, ‘Let’s Go’,’ Slaughter on Tenth Avenue’, ‘Wipe Out’, and ‘Pipeline’, to name a few.

Nokie left The Ventures in 1968 and moved back to Washington to pursue his interest in horse racing, and to further his solo career playing and writing all styles of music. Nokie returned to play lead for The Ventures from 1972 to 1984, and also played in other bands when The Ventures were not touring.

Aubrey Lovejoy

Aubrey started singing from the early age of seven in India where he was born of British parents. He liked Rock-and-roll music and was mainly influenced by Bill Haley, Jerry Lee Lewis and Elvis Presley who was his idol and still is.

Aubrey came to England in 1961 and spent his next few years completing schooling. At the age of sixteen he met with an unfortunate motor cycle accident and was hospitalised for the next year. During that period his only pastime was listening to the wireless. Country music was played quite frequently and he found himself being more and more influenced in that direction and realised the music he was singing in India came from the same roots.

He went to the very first Wembley Festival of Country Music which convinced him that he wanted this to be a great part of his future career. He enrolled at the London School of Singing and after two years training emerged as a professional and accomplished solo artist. Both Aubrey\'s parents offered continued encouragement and financial support, which helped enable him to forge a successful career in Country music.

Aubrey started as a solo artist in clubs and in cabarets and was instantly acclaimed as Britain\'s answer to Charley Pride by his audiences, although at that stage he had never heard of Charley Pride, his main influences were Merle Haggard and Conway Twitty.

It was in 1975 he formed his own band and after numerous changes in his band members he achieved an outfit that came up to his exacting expectations known as "Tennessee Rain". Aubrey's professionalism achieved him much acclaim and soon he was travelling the length and breadth of the UK. This acclaim soon spread beyond the Uk, and he became a sought after country artist playing all over Europe with other American artists.

Aubrey has performed on the same bill with such country music greats as Hoyt Axton, and Tammy Wynette and has backed many other acts such as Tex Williams, George Hamilton IV and Marvin Rainwater.

He eventually met Charley Pride who said he had heard of him and was pleased to meet as he put it 'his protege'.

He also had the pleasure of meeting Connie Smith, Little Jimmy Dickens when he was in Nashville Tennessee recording his first album "Haunting Ole Memory" produced by Mark Mosley.

His debut single California Blues written in the late 1920s by Jimmy Rodgers was released in America and received a good chart response reaching number 16 in the Independent charts.

Aubrey is the first British country artist to have achieved chart status in America, on his debut and on an Independent Label - Mosrite Records. In August 2009 Aubrey revisited Nashville to record his latest CD - "Silence in the wind", which was, again, produced by Mark Mosley and some of Nashville's top musicians. During his stay he had the pleasure of meeting Vince Gill, Mel Tillis and Jimmy C Newman.

Justin Ryan

As a child, Justin Ryan learned from and performed with Southern Gospel greats like Vestal Goodman. After his family abandoned him at 17, groundbreaking contemporary Christian songwriter Marsha Stevens-Pino (“Come To The Water (For Those Tears I Died)”) took him under her wing. As a Nashville session singer, he recorded with the likes of Porter Wagoner, George Jones, Lynn Anderson, LuLu Roman and Dottie Rambo. Now, with the release of his first mainstream country album, Justin Ryan steps out front to chart the course for where he’s going.

Produced by Music Row veteran Mark Moseley, Where I’m Goin’ features Justin backed by Music City’s finest players, from CMA Musician of the Year Brent Mason to Gaither Homecoming favorite Gordon Mote. While this group of songs may not be what you’d find on a typical country CD on the shelves of Wal-Mart, it’s not hard to believe this eclectic mix of styles and songs was hand-picked by a native of Paducah, Kentucky who’s made a name for himself in the church world.

“I did this country project, first of all, because the fans wanted me to, plus it’s a way for me to break out of my box a little bit. Now that doesn’t necessarily mean I’m gonna come out wearing Porter Wagoner’s rhinestone suit that says ‘Hi’ on the inside lining though,” Justin adds with a laugh.

“Watchin’ Robin Like A Hawk,” “Backwards” and “Workin’ Man’s Weekend” all tip their proverbial hat to contemporary radio-friendly fare, while stone country tunes like “Everybody’s Talkin’” and “When The Vow Breaks” owe a debt of gratitude to classic icons like George & Tammy and Conway & Loretta.

“Lonely Comin’ Down” and “Love Pays It All” may lie at opposite ends of the emotional spectrum, but both commemorate Justin’s close relationship with the “Thin Man from West Plains.”

“Porter Wagoner really took an interest in me and made the time to make me feel like somebody important. I really got to know him and sang on some of his gospel stuff toward the end. We’d talk about different things and he’d ask my opinion and even take my advice sometimes. He was the person who discovered Dolly Parton, so as a relatively new singer in town, that really carried a lot of weight with me. When we first started talking about this project I knew we had to pay tribute to Porter, because he’s one of the main reasons I’m singing country music in the first place.”

Originally recorded by Dolly on the Jolene album, Justin’s take on “Lonely Comin’ Down” was originally intended as a demo to introduce the tune to a new generation of country stars.

The second composition from the Wagonmaster, “Love Pays It All” is a never-before-heard collaboration between the Opry legend and Randy Vanwarmer, the man behind the seventies pop smash “Just When I Needed You Most.”

Justin drifts between genres and shows off his soul side with an amped up version of Delbert McClinton’s “Givin’ It Up For Your Love” and a retooling of a 1986 Georgia Satellites hit.

Even on his first official foray into the country field, Justin doesn’t stray far from his Christian music roots. In the title track, he re-imagines the Brad Paisley smash “When I Get Where I’m Goin’” as a full-fledged gospel number, complete with traditional church choir and piano. The album finds its emotional center as Justin alters the lyric to memorialize his beloved grandmother who first encouraged him to step in front of an audience.

“I’ve been singing since I was 8-years-old and it was only by chance, because my grandmother overheard me singing along in the car with my Walkman. She was the one who pushed me to sing and when I was 16, we found out she had cancer. Losing her was one of the hardest things in the world for me, because I felt like she was the only person in my whole family who understood me and believed in what I was trying to do. She was my favorite and I’ll always believe I was hers.”

“I decided to do ‘When I Get Where I’m Going’ because it’s such a perfect way to honor her. Porter carried the torch for my grandmother by being that grandparent figure when I came to Nashville, so not only was it important to pay tribute to him but also to the person who is the whole reason I started singing to begin with, to remember a special lady who was absolutely always there for me. Without her, I wouldn’t be doing this today.”

With the release of Where I’m Goin’, Justin renews his commitment to extend a hand to those who’ve traveled a path similar to his. “What I’ve always tried to do is reach out to those folks who may have been the outcasts and have a sense that they don’t belong. There have been so many times in my own life and there are still times when I feel like I don’t belong.” “Music was what saved me in all the things that I went through, with getting kicked out and not knowing where I was gonna be tomorrow. If it hadn’t been for the music, I don’t think I would have made it. So I took that gift that I had been given and I’ve tried to use that to help other people.”

As Justin Ryan plots the path to where he’s going, he vows to remember the legacies of both Porter Wagoner and his beloved grandmother and pay their kindness forward.

“I’ve been able to turn some things in my life that weren’t so great into something good for someone else. That’s always been my mission and it’s turned out to be the greatest blessing as well. Reaching out to people through my church work has been my focus all along and that’s where my heart is still. So I see this country CD not as a new direction, but hopefully as a stepping stone to an even greater avenue of ministry.”

The Sheridans

Roxanne Sheridan has devoted her life to the pursuit of God through the ministry of music. She is known for her dynamic singing voice, and is a gifted and inspiring songwriter. Her musical style impacts all ages crossing denominational and cultural barriers. Crowds large and small are encouraged, refreshed and challenged by her passion for God. Wherever she goes, Roxanne boldly delivers a challenge to listeners to experience a true lifestyle of worship. She has led thousands of people into heartfelt worship through concerts, conferences, church services, and conventions around the world.

Along with her travels, Roxanne serves as the President of Second Chance Ministries where she is being used of God to bring a message of hope and healing to the countless hurting in the world today, allowing God to transform their lives. Roxanne is someone that has gone through much pain and hurt in her life, yet is still standing. Like many women around the world, Roxanne has faced challenges in her life: the tragic death of a loved one, depression and loneliness, difficulties in marriage ultimately ending in divorce, and the struggles of being a single parent. She has had storm after storm sweep through her life leaving her heart shattered, but with God's help she has been able to pick up the pieces and rise above the destruction. She is someone that loves God with everything within her because as a child of God she knows who she is in Christ Jesus. She is someone that is healed of her past and continues moving forward with fervor and an unstoppable passion. She is a mighty warrior for the Kingdom! And because God has brought her through much, her passion is to see restoration in the body of Christ and to help bring a message of healing and deliverance to the masses. To let them know that God is a God of second chances and that true healing and restoration is possible through Christ.

Roxanne began singing Christian music at a young age, having her first media experience at the age of eight on a TV show called Gospel Echoes. After her debut The Masterson the show, she was asked to be a regular participant as a soloist. At the age of fourteen, Roxanne accepted an invitation to join the southern gospel music group, The Master's. The Master's were regular participants on the Canadian syndicated television program Gospel Singing Time. During this time, The Master's toured throughout Canada and the United States.

She recorded her first album with The Master's, produced by the Oak Ridge Boys, Dwayne Allen and Joe Bonsell, in Nashville, Tennessee. Following that production, Roxanne appeared in concert at the Grand Ole-Opry in the Ryman Auditorium. The Master's became standing members of Canada's Opry North where many mainstream Canadian & American Artists made regular appearances. They also were a part of the Grand Ole Opry Traveling Road Show, featuring many known country music artists such as Minnie Pearl, Grandpa Jones and others.

Revised EditionThe Master's were awarded Favorite Mixed Group by the Canadian Gospel Music Association. They continued to travel extensively appearing on television shows such as 100 Huntley Street, George Hamilton's Canadian Country Music Series, The Tommy Hunter Show, and the Jerry Lewis Telethon. Roxanne recorded several albums with The Master's, her own solo project, plus a debut album with the contemporary Southern Gospel group The Revised Edition.

As an accomplished singer and songwriter, Roxanne has won highly sought after awards including Female Vocalist of the Year four years in a row from the Canadian Gospel Music Association, Contemporary Album of the Year for the album Second Chance, Song Award for the songs Second Chance and Praise Him, and Best Southern Gospel Vocalist and Performer of the Year from the Maja Awards. Her vast repertoire of original music uniquely communicates God's heart to His people.

Singing with the finest in the music business she has shared the stage with, and has worked musically with, many great artists such as: The Family Brown, The Oak Ridge Boys, Buck Owens, Patricia Conroy, Prairie Oyster, Janet Paschal, The Gaithers', Brent Rowan, Cheryl Dunn, Denise Ferguson, Hiram Joseph & many more.

Terry Sheridan - Since his first record release in the early 1980's, Terry has racked up his fair share of showings on the Canadian "Top Ten List."

An impressive list of Live Performances with some of Country Music's Premier Artists.

Terry and his band toured our country with pride and received rave reviews at every performance. The list of prestigious venues confirms this. When a Mega Corporation brings a band on board to represent their name, it says much about the quality of the band and the talent of the man.

Terry's shared stages with Stars like Ronnie Hawkins, Michele Wright, Eddie Rabbit, Tommy Hunter, Mac Wiseman, Prairie Oyster, T.G. Shepherd, Marie Osmond, Johnny Lee and more.

"Terry Sheridan has carved a niche in the Canadian Music Scene by letting his music do his talking..." - Larry Delaney (Editor of Country Music News)

Elaine Frizzell

Elaine started playing guitar at the age of nine. First professional appearance in 1955 with Smokey Rogers at the Bostonia Ballroom in Calif. Played on the Monty Hall Show, USO Tours. Appeared at the Foothill Club in Long Beach Calif, KFOX The Squeekin Deacon radio show and the Town Hall Party on Sunday Mornings. Started recording as a session guitarist in 1959. Worked on shows with performers Molly Bee, Jimmy Boyd, Beverly Wilson, etc. Worked 1950’s radio and TV shows on KFMB, KFDS, KCBQ, and KFOX. Also worked personal appearances with artists at the Palamino club, George's Roundup, Fred Maddox playhouse, Harmony Park Ballroom, Cal’s Corral and many others in the LA Area.

Biggest thrill was playing on the stage at Town Hall Party and at the Grand Old Opry as a guest side musician. Attended college 1961-1968 and returned to playing in 1980. I never sang and was always a guest musician or solo player. Took up Banjo and mandolin, but guitar is my stongest point. Learned to play with a “Flat Pick” first. By the second year of playing I learned to “Travis Pick”. Watching Joe Maphis do with a flat pick both single note pickin' and finger picking I started young enough to learn both, kind of like learning two different languages.

After three years of semi-retirement from playing, I returned due to encouragement from several friends in mid 2004. I was working as a side musician with a local artist who was at the time recording at Sound Control Studio’s in Nashville. The studio’s are well known and top rated and have recorded artists from Dolly Parton to Garth Brooks. The studio is owned by Mark Moseley and was co-founded by his father Andy Moseley in 1970. Mark is a well-known top recording engineer and musician.

While leaving a session one-day in early 2005, Mark and I were in a discussion about doing a tribute album to Joe Maphis and Merle Travis, whom we both had known first band. A project such as this had been discussed in 1990 and again around 1996 upon visits with Mark and Andy. However it was dismissed as costly and probably would not have sales enough to support it at that time. However on this day Mark had me sit down and made the comment that I should go for it at this time and that the Mosrite Label would be offered for it if all worked out.
I tell you that got my attention. I had tears in my eyes. Mark went on to say that I should play both the Joe Maphis parts as well as the Merle Travis parts and to select titles off of their albums plus maybe something neither had recorded but in one of their styles.

My husband Richard and I left the studio that day with a projected early May 2005 date for the first sessions to begin. I had maybe 10 weeks to put together a list of titles and to get those old guitar chops down.
Well now we have Rose Lee Maphis, The White’s, Nokie Edwards and truly a stable of super session player’s. History was certainly being made.

I must express how much I love and value the friendship of the entire Moseley and Maphis family. Andy’s brother, Semie Moseley, founder of Mosrite Guitar’s, built Joe’s and my double-neck guitars.

Clayton Claxton

CLAYTON CLAXTON, singer, songwriter and entertainer, since he was 12
years old, loves to be in front of people. With his band, "Rode West",
they play "Stomp Down Country Music" their own way, wherever they are
called to play. Impressionist, humorist and songwriter, he has fronted
shows for major country stars for years. Having his own #1 record in
Australia and chart records in the U.S., Clayton worked on the world
famous Grand Ole Opry for 22 years.

The guys in the Rode West Band, have been with Clayton for over 20
years, one being his son, the lead guitar player. They do a family show
that everyone can enjoy. They do some 50's music, they do some old
cowboy harmony songs from yesteryear, and they bring the Grand Ole Opry
to the stage with impersonations.

So sit back and enjoy one of Nashville's best country music groups.

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