About Mark Moseley

Mark’s love for music and his natural born creativity started at a very early age. Being born into and a close part of the Mosrite Guitar Legacy , he found himself surrounded by great guitar players….so by the young age of nine years old, Mark was proficient on the guitar, and many other stringed instruments as well. He made his first recording by the age of ten. It was at this recording session that he caught the attention of so many country music giants that performed in and around the Bakersfield Music Scene. Still, he could always feel there was something else calling him….someplace else pulling on his heart. The years passed quickly, with constant lessons of discipline, music theory, and practice . Then, in 1974, Mark went to work for the famed Buck Owens. He played on recordings for Buck, Susan Ray, Tony Booth and many other successful stars in Bakersfield, California.

In 1981, he moved his recording studio to Nashville, Tennessee, where he hooked up with long time family friend Gary S. Paxton, ie; (Ally-Oop, Monster Mash, Sensuous Woman)

Gary used Mark as a studio engineer and co-producer on projects with Kenny Hinson of the Hinson’s, and 7 songs for the Goldie Hawn-Kurt Russell movie ‘Overboard’. No matter the music genre, Mark wanted in on the action.

By 1982,he was an established Nashville audio engineer and producer, working with and recording such renowned stars as Dolly Parton, Vince Gill, Patty Loveless, George Jones, Porter Wagoner, Lee Greenwood, Willie Nelson, Lynn Anderson, and other Opry stars. Some of these stars graced his studio with recording projects and photography projects for the next 15 years.

Staying on top of the ever changing direction of country music, plus connecting with many stars in the Gospel and Contemporary Christian music genres such as Dottie Rambo, Shay Mooney, Justin Ryan, The Whites, along with Rock and Pop artists and Bluegrass projects, Mark has been recognized as one of the top music Producers for 30 years now.

Whether it is Recording that one song that you hope to be a hit, or getting that one incredible picture that you want to last forever, Mark Moseley can make it happen.

If you want to SOUND your best, Check us out, at SoundControl Studio. If you want to LOOK your best, check us out again, at www.PhotographybyMarkMoseley.com

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